A Deeper Look into the Death of Jesus

A Deeper Look into the Death of Jesus

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Course Description

All Christians believe in the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. However, the vast majority of believers have never heard about the death of His soul! When entering into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray Jesus tells Peter, James and John, “,,,my soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death…” (Matthew 26:38, emphasis added) [KJV]. Isaiah 53:12 states that “…He poured out his soul unto death…”. In a Messianic Psalm David prophesied, “For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell…” (Psalm 16:10; cp. Acts 2:27). These lessons will disclose what these scriptures mean along with a myriad of other scriptures, types and shadows of the death of Jesus’ soul found in the Old Testament and the implications for our lives today.

This study will reveal an aspect of Jesus’ sacrifice for our salvation that has not been taught to generations past. We must lay a solid foundation in the beginning lessons upon which we will build mind-boggling revelations into the inner perimeters of truths hidden in God’s Word. Once our eyes are opened, we will never be the same again. our love for the Lord Jesus Christ and our worship of the Holy One will be heightened and our commitment to serve Him will be taken to an entirely new level.

This is apostolic teaching and must be taught precept upon precept, line upon line before it can be fully rooted in our spirit and effect the changes God desires. The message of this course is designed and downloaded by our Lord for an end-time people… to help fully equip us to stand and withstand against the onslaught of evil all around us. It will help stabilize our faith in God and arm us with strength for the battles ahead. Take courage. God knows what we need. This isn’t milk; this is serious meat. The Holy Spirit will be with us every step of the way.

Key concepts covered include:

  • What is Death?
  • How many deaths did Jesus really die? What is our scriptural support for this belief?
  • Is the spirit and soul of man the same thing? If not, how are they distinguished one from another?
  • How was Jesus able to live a sinless life as a human being?
  • Why did Jesus have to be born and take on human form?

These and other questions will be answered in the first lesson.